​​To-Go Brewed Coffee all sizes $2.00
freshly brewed coffee for you to enjoy on the go

Bottomless Cup 
get your coffee in a ceramic mug to enjoy in-house and get free refills for your whole stay!

Shot in the Dark all sizes $3.00
brewed coffee with an added freshly pulled shot of espresso

 Brewed Coffee ​Menu 


Frozen Java 16 oz: $5.50
our specialty coffee frappe, made with cold brewed espresso and the flavor of your choice, blended with ice

Iced Latte 16oz: $5.25
a double shot of cold brewed espresso with milk and flavor of your choice, topped with ice

Iced Mocha 16oz: $5.25
a double shot of cold brewed espresso with milk and chocolate of your choice, topped with ice

Iced Americano 16oz: $3.25
a double shot of espresso with cold water, topped with ice

50/50 Cold Brew 16oz: $5.75
1/2 cold brewed espresso, 1/2 water, topped with ice

Iced Creamy Cold Brew 16oz: $6.00
cold brewed espresso with the flavor of your choice, topped with frothed half & half, all over ice

Lemonade Cold Brewed Coffee 16oz: $5.25
our in-house-made cold brew mixed with lemonade for a refreshing iced coffee flavor adventure! it may sound odd, but once you try it, you'll be hooked!

Vietnamese Iced Coffee 16oz: $6.50
cold brewed espresso and sweetened condensed milk, topped with ice


Chai Latte 12oz: $4.00 | 16oz: $4.50 | 20oz: $5.00
a type of spiced tea made with steamed milk - also available cold!

Prana Premium Chai 12oz: $4.75
spiced chai prepared by steeping only whole spices mixed with honey in steamed soy milk

Hot Chocolate 16oz: $3.75
steamed milk mixed with Ghirardelli chocolate sauce and topped with whipped cream and miniature chocolate chips

Hot Tea 16oz: $2.75
gourmet Smith tea steeped in hot water; multiple green, black, and herbal varieties available 

Cascara Tea 12oz: $3.50

specialty tea made from the fruit of the coffee cherry

Steamer 12oz: $3.00 | 16oz: $3.25 | 20oz: $3.50 
steamed milk mixed with flavor of your choice; we recommend caramel or french vanilla

Coffee-Free Menu

bottomless cup


Cafe Latte 12oz: $4.75 | 16oz: $5.25 | 20oz: $5.75
double shot of espresso, steamed milk, and flavor of your choice

Americano 12oz: $3.50 | 16oz: $3.75 | 20oz: $4.00
double shot of espresso and hot water

Cappuccino approximately 6oz - $4.25
wet: 1/3 espresso, 1/3 steamed milk, 1/3 milk foam
dry: 1/3 espresso, 2/3 milk foam

Cortado approximately 4oz - $4.00
1/2 espresso, 1/2 steamed milk

a double shot of our finely extracted espresso

Undertow $4.75
double shot of espresso poured over chilled half & half and one pump of french vanilla syrup, served in a shot glass - only prepared for in house enjoyment 

Riptide $4.75
a small, lightly sweet, creamy drink crafted with hot shots of espresso - crafted to enjoy in house or to go

​JC Java Coffeehouse Drink Menu

Espresso Menu


spiced chai

cherry limeade

iced creamy cold brew

Soy, almond, macadamia nut, oat, or coconut milk available in any drink! $0.75 extra


​​​Italian Soda 16oz: $3.00
sparkling mineral water mixed with your flavor of choice, topped with ice

Smoothies 16oz: $5.25
available flavors: peach, strawberry, & mango

Frozen Vanilla 16oz: $5.25
vanilla bean coffeeless frappe

Hand Crafted Refreshers 16oz: $5.00
iced tea and lemonade mixed with your choice of flavor, like blood orange, peach, or another delicious option!


Dr. Smoothie Refreshers 16oz: $3.75
watermelon cucumber mint or strawberry acai

Lemonade 16oz: $3.00
served as is or with added flavor; we recommend adding strawberry or blue raspberry

Flavored Limeades 16oz: $3.00
limeade prepared with your choice of watermelon, strawberry, cherry, or huckleberry

Iced Tea 16oz: $3.00
served unsweetened unless flavor is requested; peach and strawberry are crowd favorites

Iced Chai Latte 16oz: $4.50
our spiced chai served over ice

Frozen Chai Latte 16oz: $5.00
our spiced chai blended with ice

Bottled juice and water are also available.