JC Java Coffeehouse

Your Neighborhood Fix


At JC Java Coffeehouse we are committed to educating our community on the current trends in coffee, home brewing methods, ALL THINGS COFFEE!

Please join us the first Friday of each month at 10:00 am for our Coffee Education Classes, a sign up sheet is at the coffeehouse and registration is required.

We will explore different brewing methods you can use at home, the processing of coffee, as well as coffee cupping - which is simply tasting different coffees from around the world - and many other things COFFEE!

Coffee Education Schedule

the first Friday of every month 

beginning November 2018

November - Chemex Brewing 

December - Kalita Wave Brewing

January 2019 - Cupping with Customers

February - Aeropress Brewing

March - French Press Brewing

April - Cupping with Customers

*schedule is subject to change